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Hardware should pay attention to brand building and technological innovation

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At present, the demand for hardware has maintained a long-term growth trend. In addition to attaching importance to product quality
At present, the demand for hardware has maintained a long-term growth trend. In addition to attaching importance to product quality, strengthening brand awareness, increasing marketing publicity and scientific and technological innovation, there is also a low-carbon heat in the wood door hardware industry. In the future, the wood door hardware industry will pursue low-carbon, energy saving, green and environmental protection. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of international mould and hardware and plastic industry suppliers association, said that in the future, wood door hardware industry will adopt a large number of new materials with low-carbon technical characteristics.
The market demand for new energy-saving and environmental protection hardware products will maintain a long-term growth trend. Hardware enterprises are bound to improve technological innovation and develop more energy-saving products. At the same time, hardware industry will increase resources conservation and environmental protection, strive to realize the transformation of industrial structure from energy intensive to capital, technology and knowledge intensive industries, and reduce the proportion of high energy consumption, high pollution and high convergence industries in the national economy. Focusing on brand building and technological innovation, some domestic wood door hardware enterprises have gradually developed from processing enterprises to independent innovation oriented high value-added enterprises, which are oriented at internationalization, specialization, technology orientation, market orientation, and mainly export trade.
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