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G-Clip series
AL-305 F type Heavy Duty Carpenter's Clamps

Name:AL-305 F type Heavy Duty Carpenter's Clamps


Product introduction

The gulte board is made of pecutar alloy makings. it is not prone to be out of shace when clamping.
It have a special trapezoidal guide screw, and a wide torque that guaratees strong effect of clamping.
It have a special flat and lengthen guide board light in weight and easy to clamp big size object.

Product parameters

Item No.



G.W./N.W. (kg)


AL-305 600 24" 79×29×11 23/22 10
AL-305 900 36" 108×29×11 28/27 10
AL-305 1200 48" 141×29×11 35/34 10
AL-305 1500 60" 171×23×11 31/30 8
AL-305 1800 72" 207×23×11 34/33 8

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